Around the Jim Lamalice Wilderness Lodge

The Sandy Creek Area which the Jim Lamalice Wilderness Lodge is located is home to many activities which the Dene people have been part of since time immemorial. Fishing off the shores of the Great Slave Lake, the Creek itself is home to many types of abundant fish local to the area. Berry Picking, Canoeing, snowmobiling and trapping are just a few of the many activities available to you when you stay at the Jim Lamalice Wilderness Lodge.

Boat Tours
Aurora Viewing
ATV and Snowmobiling

Jim Lamalice Wilderness Lodge Cultural Activities include the following:     


Welcome Ceremony                              Duck Harvest and Preparation
 Drummers                                                        Harvestor

Hand Games                                    Visiting Fish Nets
Instructor                                                           Instructor
Drummers                                                         Harvestor
Dryfish Making                              Beading
Instructor                                                          Instructor
Harvestor                                                         Harvestor

Drymeat Making                           Medicinal Plants
Instructor                                                         Instructor
Harvestor                                                         Harvestor
Beaver Skinning                            Canoeing
Instructor                                                         Instructor
Harvestor                                                        Harvestor
Beaver Stretching                         Rabbit snares and skinning
Instructor                                                        Instructor
Harvestor                                                       Harvestor
Muskrat skinning and Stretching    

If there are any activities you would like that are not listed above feel free to contact us and we will do our best to accomadate you.

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